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Christmas Dinner Table Decoration

December 25, 2016

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Destination Wedding - Natalie & Patricio

December 18, 2016



One of the best couples we have ever asked to design their wedding for is Natalie and Patricio. Their love inpired us so much and it was our honor and pleasure to make their wedding day special. The bride was kind enough to let us know how she felt and we can't hide the fact that tears of joy slided down our cheeks. Enjoy!!

"It’s a perfect mid-September day and a bright blue sky and calm sea match perfectly with the old town cobble stones of Athitos, Xalkidiki.  The late summer heat rises to the occasion of celebrating my Greek wedding, all styled by my talented cousin Helen Georbakali and her equally talented husband Giorgos Kalos, of the infamous Kipos Kalou of Thessaloniki. We arrive on the scene at the old museum in the center of town.  It’s late afternoon, the decor displays a sultry red against a noble blue and I cannot resist the romantic notion I feel looking at the love of my life in his magnetic azure coat. We knew we were made for each other the 1st time we kissed and after 6 months we did away with tradition, eschewed an engagement and simply married each other with the joy in our hearts bursting so brightly through us. I have a great appreciation for the art of floral design and I was completely stunned by the bold elegance of the bouquet and flower arrangements made by Kipos Kalou.  The color palette, the textures and most importantly the fragrance of the flowers were of the highest caliber. We completed our photo shoot in the picturesque village and then we were whisked away to the beach, just before dusk.  Yet another completely dramatic scene had been created with a lusciously adorned back drop, dripping sweet flowers just in front of the sea and leading to it was a very long white runway laid upon the sand.   To the side were two simple columns that held a stunning arrangement of flowers atop.  It was framed by all this beauty, that we held a very intimate ceremony, restating our heartfelt vows to each other in front of my Greek family.  We exchanged brushed gold rings custom made by Kalfidis jewelers and for a sweet surprise my husband played me a melody that he learned the day before on his new bouzouki, “Apopse tha Pio to Fegari” and sang me sweet lyrics to match in Spanish.  I have never felt so adored in my life than that moment of my husband serenading me with so much love.We sat down for a lavish and tasty seafood dinner at Sparos restaurant.  This restaurant not only boasts the most fantastic view of the sea of Athitos, the culinary magic and perfect sampling of Greek traditional mezes paired perfectly with a crisp, white house wine, kept our interest for hours. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves eating, drinking and the family singing along to the bouzouki played by my husband.  We toasted endlessly to our love and to all of our health in the way Greek people do with that in-the-moment joy and appreciation for life and love. The grand finale was an absolutely gorgeous presentation of sweets.  There was a delicious naked red velvet cake adorned by dark purple grapes, old-world brass lanterns, buckets frothing over with glorious flowers, and small fine plates piled high with glazed delicate cookies and blue diamond shaped chocolates, all made by Martha of Martha's Sweet Philosophy.  Helen and her team made magic possible that day, I saw it with my own eyes and it was captured so precisely and professionally, with an authentic representation of our love by Maria Mintsidou Photography.  FOREVER IN LOVE AND GRATITUDE."

>Natalie Starr van Zelm

>Patricio Zuñiga Labarca



 Vendor's list

Flower Design: Kipos Kalou by George Kalos
Wedding Photography: Maria Mintsidou Photography
Wedding Cake & cookies: Martha's Sweet Philosophy

Styling and Coordination: Helen Georbakali


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